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This Black History Month, Amoria Bond’s inclusion advocates have arranged a series of initiatives, activities and recommendations for our employees, centred around black British culture and history. You can find out more about our month-long plan here.  

As part of our focus on learning more about black Britons and the ongoing impact of racism that is all-too-often ignored, our team have selected a fantastic list of insightful, educational and entertaining TED talks to share with our own teams and our followers. We hope you enjoy the following topics:

The Racial Politics of Time
Brittney Cooper – speaking at TEDWomen 2016

The Urgency of Intersectionality
Kimberlé Crenshaw – speaking at TEDWomen 2016

Color Blind or Color Brave?
Mellody Hobson – speaking at TED 2014

Find out more about our Black History Month plans, or learn about our inclusion advocates and the work we do year-round for Diversity & Inclusion