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October is Global Diversity Awareness Month and, as champions of diversity & inclusion everywhere, it’s an important time in Amoria Bond’s calendar. 

Because the belief that everyone deserves respect and inclusion regardless of gender, ethnicity, background or differences is at the heart of our purpose; we work hard to eliminate barriers in our own business and hold ourselves accountable to delivering sustainable, meaningful, action-led change that is made visible to everyone who works with us. 

So while Diversity Awareness Month is an important time to reflect on the work that still needs to be done to fully embrace diversity around the world, it’s also a great time to celebrate the differences between us all and the positive impact that a diverse culture can have in the workplace and society as a whole. 

To do just that, Amoria Bond’s inclusion advocates from our offices around the world have been coming up with a series of fun activities throughout October to bring together our global, multicultural teams and celebrate the diverse culture we all enjoy. 

In our Manchester office, the celebration coincides with Black History Month UK, so there’s plenty going on for our employees to get involved with to celebrate their history and culture of Black Britons, from our book club takeover to recommended podcasts and TED talks. But the real celebration starts on the 15th October where our company founders will lead the celebration with a live DJ set of MOBO classics, with plenty of drinks and food enjoyed in the office ahead of our Amoria Bond 15 year celebration in the evening. All our followers are invited to join in the party as well: listen via or anytime via soundcloud at

With Manchester celebrating diversity through music, Amsterdam are basing their events through another universal language – food and drink! On the 8th October, the team will be finishing early to sample food from around the world, with everyone encouraged to bring in something tasty from their own background, or a culture that has influenced them, to share with their colleagues – along with a few drinks and top tunes of course! 

And on 21st October, the Amsterdam office will be hosting their own international beer festival, with tastings from breweries around the world – and a few pizzas to enjoy as well!

Meanwhile, in Cologne, our German teams will be joining in the fun on the 15th with an early finish accompanied by the livestreamed MOBO sets, a selection of snacks from around the world and a few drinks in the office. 

Throughout the month, we’ll also be sharing a selection of diversity-focused materials to remind our teams of the month’s themes and the benefits of embracing the values of different cultures and opening your eyes to the perspectives of others. 

You can find out more about our year-round Diversity & Inclusion actions on our website, such as our work as founding signatories of the Diversity & Inclusion Charter, as founding members of Programme One, as leaders in gender diversity through our ASCEND programme, and our commitment to proving the value of our work through our annual D&I report. 

If you’re interested in joining a company that commits Diversity & Inclusion in all its actions and celebrates our differences together, find out about the latest vacancies #InsideAmoria.