Introducing Amoria Group - the next level of Progressing Lives Everywhere

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Amoria Bond is progressing our own lives, with the launch of Amoria Group - a new brand iden...

By David Etherington

Chief Executive Officer

Amoria Bond is progressing our own lives, with the launch of Amoria Group - a new brand identity that encompasses Amoria Bond and Coalesce Management Consultancy. 

Amoria Bond has been Progressing Lives Everywhere since we started out as a different kind of recruitment business back in 2006. Now, having grown into a global, purpose-driven brand, we’re pleased to take a huge step forward in our company journey by bringing together Amoria Bond and our sister company Coalesce Management Consulting under one banner: Amoria Group.

Amoria Group is an integrated human capital services corporation delivering staffing and consulting services to the global technology, advanced engineering and energy sectors. It will allow both brands to share expertise and resources to bring a more expansive service to our clients and candidates. Through a value-led approach and best service commitments, the Group aims to lead with positivity, deliver world-class expertise to pioneering projects and give back to our global communities as we grow. 

We’re still going to be delivering the same value-led recruitment services to our clients in Advanced Engineering, Technology and Energy, and we’re still going to be committed to our best service charters, our vision, our values and our purpose. In fact our PROFES values (Positivity, Respect, Ownership, Fun, Excellence, Success) and purpose of Progressing Lives Everywhere are such a vital part of what has made Amoria Bond a successful and different kind of company, that they are becoming the values and purpose of Amoria Group as well. 

But we will also benefit from having a clear connection to our sister company, Coalesce Management Consulting, through the Group brand - and our clients will also be able to benefit from the consultancy services this can provide.

The formation of the Group is a demonstration of the successful global growth of Amoria Bond and puts us in a strong position to continue growing and progressing lives everywhere in the future.  

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