Milan 2022: This was our Manager and Sales Conference in September

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At the end of September we took 40 of Amoria Bond’s managers, leaders and senior staff to Mi...

At the end of September we took 40 of Amoria Bond’s managers, leaders and senior staff to Milan for our 2022 Management Conference - the biggest management conference we’ve ever held. 

This was an important event for our company leaders to review where we are as a Group, understand what our plans for the future will be, and discuss improvements and strategies we can begin to implement on both a team and a business-wide level. 

We introduced the theme of the conference as “Leading With Positivity”, which is a direction I’ve been keen to introduce across the Group. With this approach we set a tone for the whole event to not spend time criticising any part of the business or looking for faults, but to generate positive, practical ideas that will help build our business and make improvements for our colleagues, our clients and our candidates.  

 The theme was embraced during the workshops and conversations we had over the two day conference, where invaluable inputs helped us understand how our teams in different regions operate, what challenges our employees face and what we as leaders can do to encourage greater collaboration, engagement and wellbeing. I’m pleased to say that we all came out of the sessions with new ideas that will help us attain our purpose of Progressing Lives Everywhere - particularly when it comes to progressing the lives of our own people in the workplace - and we’ll be following up on how we introduce those ideas to our daily business in the coming weeks. 

But beyond the practical workshops and information that was shared, the real highlight of the conference was giving colleagues from different regions the opportunity to come together in person to meet, talk, socialise and share ideas. There are many benefits to being a global business, but one of the best is being able to work with such a diverse group of employees, coming from different backgrounds, living and working in different countries, but all striving towards the same goal.


However it’s not always easy to get to know your colleagues well when you’re in different parts of the world, communicating through email, zoom and phone calls. For that reason it really becomes special when we get to gather together in person and see how well our colleagues from all over the globe can build a stronger bond, enjoy each others company and learn more about each other. 

What we also saw was that, no matter where they came from, all of our employees shared an innate competitiveness and positive, fun attitude when it came down to the tasks set by our amazing keynote speaker - former Olympian Michelle Griffith Robinson OLY. 

Michelle kicked off our event with a truly inspiring speech, emphasising key takeaways that everyone can use to progress their lives; all with her incredible, infectious enthusiasm that got everyone energised for the rest of the conference. I can’t relay everything that Michelle talked about (and writing it down would not do justice to her fierce, energetic delivery) but some leading highlights included :

  • Set your own non-negotiable behaviours
  • Surround yourself with people who cheer you on
  • Find your tribe - whether that’s your family, friends, colleagues, social circles - who will hold you accountable and celebrate your achievements
  • Live by the 80/20 rule - you can’t be perfect all the time so allow yourself to fail sometimes, as long as you pick up again the next day and get back to it. 

And if delivering that kind of positive, empowering advice wasn’t enough, Michelle then had our teams (none of whom, it has to be said, are quite at the same physical level of an actual Olympian) facing off with a series of physical and strategic trials that ranged from burpees to sprints to wall sits (which did include some truly impressive performances from some particularly competitive individuals capable of holding the same position for over 7 minutes). 

It’s fair to say this was not your ordinary management conference - but then we’re not an ordinary business!

We’re a business that leads with positivity, that lives our PROFES values (Positivity, Respect, Ownership, Fun, Excellence, Success) and that is 100% committed to Progressing Lives Everywhere. 

Finally, after two days of motivation, workshops and announcements, we were joined by a few more of our most successful and most PROFES colleagues who had hit their targets and were able to spend the weekend socialising and soaking in the spectacular sights of Milan with us. 

A truly unforgettable few days in one of Italy’s most memorable cities with some genuinely wonderful people. 


Milan was our biggest ever management conference, but we hold multiple international conferences through the year for colleagues who meet their targets and demonstrate the most PROFES attitude. Next we’ll be catching some winter sun in our sales conference in Dubai in January. 

If you want to be part of a company that delivers remarkable experiences in locations like Milan, Dubai and New York, apply now to any of our current vacancies.