Two fantastic promotions in October!

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We're just over a week into October, but Amoria Bond are already celebrating two new promoti...

We're just over a week into October, but Amoria Bond are already celebrating two new promotions across our Manchester and Amsterdam offices. Congratulations to Annamaria Kaiser and Ben Wilkinson on their fantastic progress!

As part of our ongoing commitment to progressing lives in the global community, this means we'll be proudly planting 200 more trees in global locations, one hundred for each person in a country of their choosing.

Annamaria Kaiser

Massive congratulations to Annamaria Kaiser from Amoria Bond’s Amsterdam Talent Attraction Team, who has been promoted to Talent Attraction Specialist.

Anna started with us over a year ago in July 2021 within our Life Science division. If you don’t know her background, you would be very surprised as it is not what you usually see in a recruitment consultant: Anny worked for about 10 years as a caretaker, nanny, cook and household manager before deciding to uproot her life in Austria and move to Amsterdam where she was the primary caregiver for a disabled gentleman.

Looking for a new challenge and way to progress her life to the next level, she decided to engage with Amoria Bond for a role she had never done before, and had no prior knowledge of.

What did she bring to the table? The biggest drive her manager Marc Danielski has ever seen in a new starter!

"She came in with positivity, hunger to succeed and willingness to learn, a high level of motivation and just started doing what she was taught. Even in the beginning, she was never afraid of any difficult phone calls and just followed her script, always doing very well."

"In the end she decided that she wanted to pursue her strength, relationship-building and candidate engagement, more than business development and therefore followed me to TA in May 2022, where she not only applied the same mindset which makes her such a great addition to the team, but also worked her way into the hearts of both new starters and experienced seniors in NL and DE."

"Now after hitting her target and all candidates starting, it was a massive pleasure to promote her yesterday. How did she celebrate? By doing another deal right of the start!" 

Ben Wilkinson

We are also very pleased to announce that Ben Wilkinson has been promoted to Senior Consultant - which means he has reached level 2 of our "10-steps to the top" model.

As his manager, Paul Francis, shared: "I know that all the promotions we announce are for the great work that you put in as individuals, but Ben has had one of the most challenging scenarios to deal with which he has overcome with aplomb. Ben has basically been Mr US Renewables since we started the division, being the pioneer / prospector and blazing a trail for those that have followed. He has populated data from scratch, business developed from scratch, created relationships from ground zero and had to get used to a new market conditions and a culture of counter offering like no one had ever seen!"

"I think it’s fair to say that he and I have had to learn very quickly alongside each other to manage and mitigate the risks of the US renewables market and the experience has progressed his skills as a consultative recruiter as well as giving him some grey hairs (and me even less hair!) – but looking back, it’s been a pleasurable and educational journey, and he’s now proving that it’s been worth the toil."

"He has displayed every single one of the PROFES values during this time and his resilience, stoicism and general refusal to be beaten has been a shining example to those around him, including me. Thank you!"

Progressing Lives Everywhere

Progression is the foundation of everything we do at Amoria Bond, which is reflected by our 10 steps to the top programme, our in-house award-winning learning and development teams and the clear progression plans that every employee is given to help them see what is required to get them to the next stage of their career.

If you want to work for a company that delivers on its progression promises in every role and provides you with the training you need to achieve your goals, check out all our latest internal job offers.