What D&I and CSR initiatives are candidates looking for in 2022?

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In our recent article, 4 major job market trends for 2022, we identified that companies look...

In our recent article, 4 major job market trends for 2022, we identified that companies looking for professionals will need to offer much more than a competitive salary and the usual benefits. For more and more candidates, it is important to work for a company that has a proven track record of giving back.

Candidates are becoming increasingly concerned with their impact upon the world and the reputation of the company they are committing so many hours a week to representing. 

When we're recruiting professionals in all industries, we're are seeing more people asking questions about a company's stance on important topics to them, rather than just looking for "traditional" benefits like more money. They want to know what a company is doing to reduce their carbon emissions, how they're maintaining diversity and inclusion initiatives, or what CSR programmes they're undertaking to support their community. 

That's not to say that altruistic factors are the only things that are important to candidates. It's also becoming increasingly common for candidates to be more concerned about lifestyle and skill development than salary. They fear their skills stagnating on projects and want to work and learn from like-minded professionals. You have to show what you do as a company that will connect with that candidate’s aspirations. 

How can I engage candidates? 

It’s important to learn about the emotional and environmental triggers that can convince a candidate to take one role over another. And to remember that whatever changes you promote - whether it's to promote personal development in your company or to highlight the difference your work makes to the world - should never be forced.

Any proclamations of good deeds and integrity are only virtue signalling if your company and people don’t walk your talk. Actions speak louder than words so you can’t do something one day of the year and claim you are making a difference. You need to prove that these issues are important to you consistently; it needs to be embedded in your culture. 

If you have authentic initiatives in place you can attract more candidates. The same goes for a well organised and demonstrable training and development program. In a candidate-driven marketplace, when rival employers are raising their game, you need to clearly show what you can offer, and how you can offer it.  

How does Amoria Bond “walk the talk?”

Amoria Bond has been working hard to clean up the image of the recruitment industry over the last 15 years. We’re not perfect and we don’t claim to be. But we also don’t give empty platitudes. 

We can show to each candidate how the bold statements we make about our commitment to the planet and diversity are backed up by the way we operate, 365 days a year. And by holding ourselves accountable to these high standards, we hope that we will continue to have a positive impact upon the recruitment cycle, from both client and candidate perspectives.

Our focus has been on promoting opportunities for underrepresented groups and working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We can tell those stories because we are actively involved in these programmes. They are important to us and it’s important in all that we do. These are goals that you can easily pursue in your workplace.

Here are just a few of the projects our people have been supporting lately:

Progressing Lives Everywhere

We are committed to progressing lives everywhere, with all the people we work with. So much so, we launched a podcast by that name and invited a cross-section of the leading minds in business to come and share their stories with us. 

Featuring prominent business leaders and experts from around the world, the podcast explores progression in its broadest sense. Our guests share their personal experiences of progression, invaluable insights from their specialist field and industry, and inspiring anecdotes, all of which tie back to helping progress lives everywhere.

To date, we have interviewed everyone from top psychologists to big tech gurus. We have enjoyed learning from mental health ambassadors and artificial-intelligence visionaries. In 2021, 23 amazing episodes were released. 

With such a varied mix of fantastic guests, we can confidently say there are absolutely tonnes of great content that will help listeners progress and succeed in their careers and lives.

The Ascend Project

In 2020 we launched ASCEND, a network created by and for female colleagues across the business. We bring ambitious and talented women together to share experiences and advice, listen to presentations from successful women and strategise methods to empower women, progress lives and shatter any remaining glass ceilings. 

The Ascend team is focused on breaking down both the real and perceived barriers that can prevent women from achieving their full potential. This innovative initiative has the full support of the company founders and executive board. 

An active member of APSCo’s ‘Women in Recruitment’(WiR) membership organisation, we are proud to be amongst the minority (26%) of recruitment firms with specific initiatives aimed at attracting and retaining women.

One Tree Planted

Tree-mendous news! Amoria Bond has planted more than 32 thousand trees across 30 countries over the last 12 months! We did this by teaming up with non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. 

Trees are the ‘lungs of planet Earth’ and essential to our collective future and wellbeing. Amoria Bond is committed to creating and protecting a healthy, sustainable environment, for ourselves and future generations. 

We plant trees to mark office openings. We plant trees to celebrate every successful placement a consultant completes. Yes, we plan to plant a forest in the coming years! 

For more ideas on fantastic initiatives for your business, discover the full overview of our D&I activities here or our many different CSR projects here

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