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By Ruby-Honey Bannister

Senior Consultant

Welcome to the ASCEND in Action Podcast Series, part of the Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast, brought to you by the Amoria Group.  

In this podcast mini-series, we’ll be talking about and tackling some of the key topics when it comes to women in staffing and consulting - from why we need more women and what we bring to the industry, to our role in tackling gender bias and empowering and supporting each other.

These conversations are designed to inspire, engage and show how together we can fulfil our potential, and progress our lives!

Episode 7 - The Power of Feedback


Ready to level up your communication skills?

This episode of ASCEND in Action dives deep into the importance of constructive feedback in the workplace. Ruby-Honey Bannister, our Senior Consultant in Manchester, is joined by Eleanor Clark, Consultant in Manchester, and Cheryll Januszewski, Senior People Business Partner In Manchester, to discuss how to give and receive feedback effectively to foster growth and development.


Tune in to find out:

  • Feedback Fear: How can we overcome our anxieties about giving (and receiving) feedback?
  • Beyond "Good Job": What makes positive feedback truly impactful? And how to be specific and celebrate achievements in a meaningful way.
  • The Feedback Sandwich Myth: Is it really the best way to deliver constructive criticism? This conversation explores alternative methods focused on "situation, behaviour, impact."
  • Open to Learn, Not Defend: ️ How can we shift our mindset to receive feedback as an opportunity for growth, not a personal attack?
  • Building Trust & Safety: How to create a work environment where feedback is seen as a valuable tool for development, not a source of fear?


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