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Meet the Board: Find out how recruitment has evolved with Managing Director, Matthew Roebuck

By Jenny Walsh

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Welcome to the Progressing Recruiters Lives Everywhere Podcast, brought to you by Amoria Bond. 

For our second season, join us as we talk to our board members and leaders to gain valuable tips, advice, and inspiration for your own professional life. From climbing the career ladder to the evolution of the recruitment industry - we'll cover it all.

Within recruitment, there truly are no limits to how far you can progress - so we want to show you how and why working in recruitment could be the best decision for your life and career!

In this episode, your host Jenny Walsh, Regional Talent Attraction Manager based in Amoria Bond’s Manchester office is joined by Managing Director, Matthew Roebuck.

Matthew sits down with Jenny to explore the evolution of recruitment; from the impact of tech, tools and automation, how personal branding and mental health have become a priority to why value-led, niche recruiters are the future of the industry.

He also shares his experience of becoming a leader - including why it was something he struggled with in the beginning, the importance of having a growth mindset in overcoming these challenges and how he now leads an entire management team, helping them to conquer the same challenges he faced.

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