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As part of a programme of events over EU Diversity Month, which also saw us sign the German Diversity Charter, our Inclusion Advocates team collated and curated a playlist of over 100 tracks requested by colleagues around the world to create the AB Diversity Playlist!

It is possibly the most diverse and eclectic playlist you'll ever hear, making it the perfect office soundtrack because there is literally something for everyone!

Rock, pop, hip-hop, indie, house, reggae, soul, R&B ... and even some German Schlager... The mix of songs will make you smile, they might just make you dance, and we really hope they will lift your spirits uplift your day!

 Listen now for free on Spotify here 

We hope you enjoy, like and follow us on Spotify!  

Music has always been an important part of our culture here at Amoria Bond – even our company name was inspired by our three Founders’ mutual love of music and DJ-ing, and even now they are easily tempted back to entertain us with live DJ sets at our Christmas parties and have even live-streamed sets from across the globe to our offices and homes to give our spirits a lift and connect us through music including this absolute corker to kick off Manchester PRIDE weekend 2020!:

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