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Company Culture Matters: How to Find a Company with the Right Cultural Fit

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If you've decided to work in recruitment (or you're already an experienced recruiter looking...

If you've decided to work in recruitment (or you're already an experienced recruiter looking for a new company to join), then you've already considered the benefits, the challenges and the rewards; and decided that this is the right career path for you. But it's also important to find the right recruitment company with a culture that suits you.

Remember that you'll be spending a lot of your time wherever you work – particularly in the recruitment industry, where you can often find yourself working outside regular office hours. Even if you're working from home, there are parts of the company culture that extend beyond the office walls, so you need to find the right fit that will help you develop and progress.

According to a study by "Great Place to Work", 82% of professionals have worked for an organisation where they have disliked the company culture, and 73% of professionals have left a job because of a poor cultural fit. As a recruiter, this is something you have to consider when matching candidates to a job, but it's also something you have to think about for your own career.

How do I find out if a company has the right cultural fit? 

One easy way to get a feel of the place would simply be through looking around the office when you go in for an interview. This allows you to get a feeling of the place that you can’t otherwise experience. But now that remote interviews are more common, getting that initial impression can be more challenging. So you have to look at the way a company presents themselves online.

Many companies will like to showcase the benefits of working for them across their website, and these can be easy ways to get an initial idea. If they're shouting about their values across their website, for example, then you know that they're at least aware of how they want to be perceived.

However, telling people what your values are doesn't necessarily reflect the truth. So once you've seen what they say their values are, take a look at how they're backing that up. Look for evidence of what they've done to integrate their values into their work on their website. Check their social media accounts to see if they're posting pictures or videos of their teams engaged in activities that align with those values. If they like to talk about their values, they most likely will want to show off what they're doing about them. If not, then it's a sign that they, unfortunately, may not practice what they preach.

As Amoria Bond's Group People & ESG Director, Natasha Crump, says:

"It's easy to say what you stand for, but demonstrating that is another matter – so check for evidence and facts that back up what a company says about itself and how they represent their brand. Glassdoor can be a useful place to look for employee feedback, but be mindful to take a considered and balanced approach rather than focusing on one or two comments - just like Amazon reviews! There are other things to look for – does the company have published commitments relating to D&I or CSR, and if they do, can they demonstrate how they are living up to those commitments? Do they have any internal engagement data – a value-led company will usually run regular engagement surveys and will be happy to share their results. What is the company's average retention rates? Have they won any awards? Chances are, if the company is a great place to work, it will be openly sharing this information on their Social Media and website. It can also be helpful to see if any customers, suppliers or external partners have publicly endorsed the company too as what the company is like to do business with is often a great indicator of how it treats employees too."

What do I do when I've found the right cultural fit?

If you've found a company with strong values and a great culture that matches what you want out of a job, then the final thing is to make sure you reflect that culture yourself. If you're in an interview, talk about their values, their specialisms and their development programmes. Relate them to your own beliefs or goals and show that you're interested in being part of their company culture.

When you find the right culture fit, everything else becomes easier. You enjoy going into work and find yourself in a better place to progress your career. If you want to read more about factors to look for when finding the right company cultures, read our article here

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