Our Amazing May Promotions

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At Amoria Bond, we believe in recognising and celebrating the hard work, dedication, and acc...

At Amoria Bond, we believe in recognising and celebrating the hard work, dedication, and accomplishments of our team members. May was an exceptional month for us as we had several outstanding individuals who demonstrated exceptional performance and achieved well-deserved promotions. We are thrilled to highlight the achievements of Carrie-Ann Byrne, Lisa Oliveira, Nico-Luca Carpantier, Hussein Salim, Thomas Uttecht, Franziska Koch and Lisa Harding. Join us as we celebrate their remarkable journeys and the positive impact they have made within our organisation.

Carrie-Ann Byrne – Sr. Invoicing Clerk

Carrie-Ann has been an integral part of our Bill & Pay team since February 2018. Throughout her time with us, Carrie-Ann has showcased an incredible work ethic and a positive attitude that brightens up the entire Manchester office. Over the past few months, she has gone above and beyond, taking on additional responsibilities, providing training to colleagues, and maintaining a strong grip on her own workload. Carrie-Ann's can-do attitude and unwavering determination serve as an inspiration to all, and we are thrilled to congratulate her on a well-deserved promotion. Congratulations!

Lisa Oliveira – TA Specialist

Joining us in January 2023, Lisa wasted no time in making a significant impact within the Talent Attraction department. Despite starting amidst a team restructuring, Lisa's dedication and hunger for knowledge allowed her to quickly adapt and excel in her new role. She consistently demonstrated an exceptional work ethic, regularly working overtime, and displaying a genuine care for each candidate in the process. Lisa's progress has been truly remarkable, and we are proud to celebrate her well-earned promotion, which she achieved in just three short months. Well done, Lisa!

Nico-Luca Carpantier – Recruitment Consultant

Nico-Luca's promotion holds particular significance as he ventured into a completely new market and quickly achieved impressive results. Recognising the importance of a well-functioning database, Nico-Luca excelled as a Recruitment Consultant, adding over 100 consultants per month and consistently meeting targets. His high intensity during call times, receptiveness to feedback, and rapid learning from his mistakes have made him a valuable member of our team. We are immensely proud of Nico-Luca's accomplishments and look forward to supporting him on his journey towards a senior promotion. Keep it up, Nico!

Hussein Salim – Principal Consultant

Since joining us in January 2021, Hussein has consistently shown exceptional motivation, dedication, and a willingness to go the extra mile. His hard work has not only led to personal and business growth but has also made him a source of inspiration for his team members. Hussein's positive and good-hearted nature has not gone unnoticed, and we congratulate him on reaching step 3 on our ten steps to the top career ladder. His achievements serve as a testament to the incredible impact he has had within our organisation.

Thomas Uttecht – Senior Consultant

Thomas’ infectious winner's spirit has been evident since he joined us in April 2022. Known for his love for sports and challenges, Thomas has consistently demonstrated resilience and a proactive problem-solving mindset. He embraces every opportunity to learn and grow, seeking solutions and accepting help when needed. Thomas's independence and adaptability make him a standout team member, and we are immensely proud of his accomplishments. We eagerly anticipate his continued success and future promotions. Congratulations, Thomas!

Franziska Koch - Principal Consultant

Franziska has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team time and time again. Her support and assistance have been vital to Basma in her role as team leader, and she has relied on Franziska's expertise and reliability. Franzi's promotion to Senior Consultant earlier this year was a testament to her hard work and dedication. Now we are delighted to announce another promotion for Franziska, who now takes on the role of Principal Consultant. This promotion is not only a recognition of her professional achievements, but also a tribute to her personal development over the past 2.5 years. "She has shown exceptional leadership qualities and I have no doubt that she will continue to thrive in her new role," Basma told the entire team.

Lisa Harding  - L&D Consultant

Last but not least, we are delighted to share Lisa’s promotion to L&D Consultant – this is Step 2 in the L&D 10-Steps and is incredibly well deserved: Lisa has really stepped up and is making a significant and positive impact through her coaching and training of colleagues in the UK and US, as well many more across Amoria Group through her excellent content for our LMS. Lisa has completely revamped the UK new starter induction; she has stepped outside of her comfort zone to record 5 LMS videos so far (with more in the pipeline!) and has extended her new starter coaching remit to cover the entire US team in Dallas. Lisa is committed to self-development and is a true role-model in this respect - always looking for ways to develop herself and putting her learning into practise. Keep it up, Lisa!

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