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To celebrate Black History Month, Amoria Bond’s inclusion advocates have arranged a series of activities and recommendations for our teams to get involved in and learn more about black British history and culture. You can learn more about our month-long plans here

As part of our focus on spreading fascinating and entertaining resources, our inclusion advocates have curated a list of their favourite inspirational, educational and interesting podcasts centred around black lives and history. Because we believe in progressing lives everywhere, we’re also sharing our recommendations with you!

We hope you enjoy listening to the following: 

Witness Black History

Fascinating, emotional, tragic and inspirational stories from black people throughout history – from the unrecognised black women who were instrumental to the NASA space program, to the first black footballer to represent England in football, to the men whose lives have been ruined or lost by institutional racism in the legal system. 

Listen here:

Still Processing
Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris

Two New York Times writers analyse the latest from the world of film, music, and pop-culture with an eye on black audiences and creators and their impact on the world at large.  

Listen here:

46 podcasts about the Black British Experience & Race in the UK


We could have listed these individually, but when Bustle does it best, we leave it to them. Everything you need to immerse yourself in Black British Culture is covered with this extensive list of individual episodes and full series. 

Listen here:

Turning Outrage into Action with Gary Elden, OBE

On our own Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast, Gary Elden OBE talks about his journey from estate agent to FTSE CEO and Non-Exec Director and the experiences and lesson he’s learned along the way. He then goes on to discuss his work as an advocate for diversity in global businesses and the struggles that black people are still facing in the modern workplace. Listen here.

Changing the Face of Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today with Emmanuel Ayoola 

Also joining us on the Progressing Lives Everywhere Podcast is Emmanuel Ayoola, to discuss the barriers that black people still face in their careers and how the Aleto Foundation aims to eradicate them primarily through learning, development and access to role models and mentors. Aleto Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enabling young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to fulfil their potential as future leaders of tomorrow. Listen here 

Progressing Lives Everywhere through Diversity and Inclusion with Dr Joanna ABeyie, MBE for Services to Diversity

Covering the danger of promising D&I without action, how to ensure everyone's voices are heard and why education is so important in progressing the diversity inclusion and equality agenda, Natasha and Joanna also discuss the fact "it's interesting that for so long you're told that the business case is the one we need to explain, when in actual fact the one that's pushed activity has been the human and ethical reason for it". Hosted by Natasha Crump, ESG Director, Amoria Bond, this instalment is an insightful listen for anyone seeking actionable insights on organisational D&I or just looking to learn generally, as we can all do better. Listen here.

If you’ve enjoyed this and are looking for more, find out about our full range of activities and recommendations for Black History Month. Or learn about our inclusion advocates and our year-round commitment to Diversity & Inclusion here.