Case Study

Overcoming compliance requirements to fill a defence project position in record time

The customer needed a quick referral, but was limited by the need for a completed AIVD investigation, which can take several weeks to process. Through our extensive network of intermediaries, we were able to search for technically experienced specialists who had already undergone an AIVD screening on a previous assignment, and were thus able to place all the necessary contractors in record time.


Sector: Technology
Placement: Contract
Location: The Netherland

The client was an IT and engineering firm who dealt with defence projects and other government contracts. 

We’d worked with them in the past, but not for a few years since they’d decided to change their procurement strategy and manage it all through their own internal recruiter. 

However our recruiter remained in contact with the client so they knew we’d always be willing to help, and eventually a senior manager at the company came to her to tell her that they’d been struggling with a particular placement for some time. In fact they needed several people for technical roles on a defence contract for the German government.

Because of the nature of the contract, anyone working there required an AIVD screening - a requirement of the Dutch government which examines your family background among other things. The complexity and thoroughness of the screening means that it can take up to three months to complete. That combined with the technical requirements of the job made finding someone quickly very difficult. 

Jody reached out to Amoria Bond’s network of professionals and created an advert that specifically required respondents to have completed this screening for past roles - anyone who had not been through an AIVD screening would not be considered. 

We sent the client high level candidates who fulfilled the technical requirements and were AIVD screened and they quickly found the perfect person for the job. In fact in a post-placement conversation the client confirmed that this was a new record for them - the fastest placement they’d ever made!

Since that placement the client has reconsidered their procurement strategy again and we are set to become a preferred supplier for their technical hiring needs.

How can Amoria Bond help you?

Our network of contract professionals is vast, allowing us to source skilled and reliable people for specialist positions that others struggle to find. No matter how niche your requirements are or how many restrictions you have for your recruitment needs, Amoria Bond can help you find the right person, quickly. 

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