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The new ideas and client relationships that help us make two IT contract placements

After a successful contract mediation for a highly specialized position that included a new technology, we then fulfilled another contract position for a sister company within the same group. Since then, we have been the first choice for both companies when it comes to the placement of technical specialists for contract mediation.


Sector: Technology
Placement: Contract
Location: Germany

The client was a subsidiary of a major development and manufacturing company that’s well known for their innovations in various technologies across multiple industries. Amoria Bond has worked with several of the group’s companies to support their recruitment needs with specialist professionals who can design and manufacture complex systems. 

The subsidiary company specialised in advanced optical technology and needed a specialist to work on a contract basis for a project involving a new laser-based technology that had only recently come on the market. This was a highly specialist position requiring an expert with very precise knowledge. 

Through reaching out to our network of experienced professionals, we were able to source a suitable professional who fulfilled the criteria and could work with their advanced technology and help them complete their project successfully. 

But our work didn’t finish with the successful placement. After the contract was completed and both parties were satisfied with the work performed, our recruiter responsible for making the placement – Alina Ferrante – reached out again to the contractor and conducted an “expert interview” with him - discussing his approach to working with that technology and the unique skills he was able to offer on the project. 

Through conversations with a senior manager at the sister company - a developer of medical technology with whom we had also made successful placements in the past - Alina learned that they were about to start using the same technology for a different development and would be looking for a specialist to manage it. She knew that the same contractor would be perfect for this. 

She sent the video of the expert interview to the senior manager to show him that we had someone available who already had great experience working with the same technology within the same group. The senior manager recognised the value immediately from this interview and brought the contractor in for an interview based on the video. 

Since then the company has come to us as their first choice for technical professionals, with two further placements made in the last two months. We’ve also conducted more “expert interviews” as a solution for quickly demonstrating to our clients the skills and approach that our contract professionals can bring to their company. 

How can Amoria Bond help you?

At Amoria Bond we know how important it is to find the right specialist to work with advanced technologies, which is why our recruitment experts go out of their way to fully understand the industries you work in, including keeping up with all the latest developments within that sector. So when you’re looking for someone to work in a very unique role, we can recognise the specific requirements that you’re looking for and quickly source the right specialist. 

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