Case Study

Filling an IT vacancy that was open for a year

Having successfully made a placement with a major banking firm we saw an opportunity to fill a second position with the company that had been open for over a year. By reaching out to the contractor we’d already placed we were able to get a referral for another professional with the unique knowledge required and therefore make two difficult placements very close to each other.


Sector: Technology

Placement: Contract

Location: Netherlands

The client had been struggling for a long time to find the right person for a particular role - in fact the position had been open for over a year!

The job required involved setting up software automations which required someone with exceptional knowledge of both Windows and Ansible - a Unix-based open source application-deployment tool. This unusual combination of skills meant it was very difficult to find the right person and several candidates had been previously turned down.

However our recruiter had managed to source someone for a similar role within the same company - one which required some similar technical skills without being quite as niche. Having successfully filled that position, she asked the candidate if they knew anyone in their own network who might suit the very specific needs of this other position. Having worked in a similar environment in the past, he was able to recommend a former colleague who was open to moving into a freelance position.

The recommendation paid off, the candidate was a good match and the client was finally able to fill the position. The manager was delighted to have two contractors on his team delivering high-quality technical work, both brought in by Amoria Bond, and will be coming to us first for future IT hires.

How can Amoria Bond help you?

At Amoria Bond we specialise in difficult-to-fill roles. Our recruiters working in technical industries understand the specificities of this sort of niche job and will go the extra mile to ensure that you find the right person with the right set of knowledge and skills. Our work doesn’t end when we fill a role; we remain in contact with our clients and our contractors to ensure that everyone is happy with the placement and find out if there is any more we can do to support you - including gaining referrals for additional jobs.

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